Field Trips Reviews

We liked having the farm all to ourselves.  Kids had a great time. Play area was awesome. Easy to get to.                                                                                                                          Susan Eckles, Cherry Hill Primary

Our students loved the whole program and playing in the play area!!                                                                                                                                                                                            Tracy Scott, McKinley Elementary

Ease of setting.  Never have to worry about loosing a child.  Excellent educational material taught!                                                                                                                                     Lori Huntington, Summerside Elementary

Every teacher loved it!  Educational well organized perfect timing, awesome guides!
                                                                                         Krissy Laubernds, Putman Elementary

In the five or six years we’ve been coming and having gone to many places in the past, Bonnybrook is the BEST field trip we’ve ever taken!                                                           Lori Huntington, Summerside Elementary

“Just wanted to let you know, I came there on a field trip two years ago with my daughter, around Halloween time, I had such a wonderful time spending the day with her and Bonnybrook Farms, Thanks again!                                                                                                                                                         Tony Seitz, Field Trip parent

My son MJ and I visited Bonny Brook Farms at the end if April with his Young 5's class from Waynesville Elementary School in Waynesville, Ohio. I have attached a picture of him and the Sunflower he planted in a dixie cup. We are still waiting for it to bloom but, at this point I believe it is about 12 feet tall. We will share another picture when it blooms. What a great lesson in the cycle of a seed/plant! Thank you               Amy Hershner

“We had a blast at Bonnybrook Farms!  Our tour guide was amazing too!                                                                                                                                                                                      Amanda Dice, Field Trip parent

“Loved it!  Went last fall with my granddaughters first grade class.  Very educational for the kids.  Plan going back this summer on a family outing.”                                      Lora Speakman, Field Trip parent

“I’ve taught 26 years now, and this is the best field trip we have ever taken!”                                                                                                                                                                                Kim Lovett, Mason Heights

“You run the PERFECT pumpkin patch farm!  Every year I always enjoy hearing the praises from parent chaperones while riding back to school in the bus :).  Keep up the AWESOME experiences!”
                                                                                            Jane Weed, Kings Mill Elementary

“This is one of the best field trips I’ve taken my students to–ever.  Each part of the trip is an appropriate length of time for small students, the presentations are age appropriate and well done.”
                                                                                             Maureen Ward, Reading Central Elementary

“We had so much fun – it was the best field trip I have ever been on.  You have a great program here and everyone that attends (in all ages) walks away with a great experience!”                 Jennifer Carpenter, John Hole Elementary

“I liked the combination of animal and plant life.  This is a great reinforcement for our Science unit.  Very well organized with discussion and movement divided up.  I was very impresses with our first time visit.”
                                                                                              Charlotte Austin, Monroe Elementary School

“Thank you so much for making learning hands-on and so incredibly exciting!”                                                                                                                                                                               Jessica Gullen, Mound Elementary School

“We all had a fabulous time on your farm…. All of our children were very engaged and I learned so much.  Thank you for one of the best field trips ever!”                                    Mary Ann Erdman, Avery Elementary

“The whole farm was wonderful.  They (the students) had a great time but were learning at the same time.   The playground was a huge hit!”                                           Christy Junod, Fayette Christian School

“She (tour guide) had wonderful management and great knowledge.  She was flexible!  We loved watching the children’s enthusiasm for the farm.”                                               Lisa Apt, John F. Kennedy School

“I am always so impressed by how well you handle everything.  The organization is fantastic.  Even a rainy day can be fun at Bonnybrook Farms!”                                                    Linda Momberger, St. Peter School

“I liked the knowledge shared and the hands-on experience provided.  I was told this would be a great experience, and it was.”                                                                                    Mary Beth Fosse, Hilltop Elementary

“One of the best trips I have ever taken in the 10 years I’ve been teaching!” 
                                                                                              Elana Parsons, Woodlawn Elementary School

“Very organized tours, lots to see, do and learn.  Great eating area and play area!”                                                                                                                                                                           Jane Garland, Cherry Hill School

“We have always found Bonnybrook to be very clean and inviting.  The staff are all friendly and helpful.  Our trip is not only fun, but we are learning at the same time.”       Kathy Ginn, Jeffersonville Elementary

“It’s an awesome program.”                                             Debby Krahenbuhl, Christ the King Lutheran Preschool

“Fun, informative, excellent facility, clean, nicely decorated, nice employees.  This is the BEST field trip.”
                                                                                                Dona Culp & Kim Lovett, Mason Heights Elementary

“Very hands–on; very science friendly; great job!!!  Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience!”                                                                                                                                  Jenny Bruney, New Holland School

“Excellent presentations!  Beautiful day and facility.  Don’t change a thing — we love this place.”                                                                                                                                                   Tammy Murray, Miami Trace School