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Cincinnati Parent, August 2018
Bonnybrook Farms - This Warren County Farm is a Treasure

By Andrea Limke
Cincinnati is a wonderful city for families, with countless family - friendly destinations and events.  I love taking my little ones on adventures throughout my favorite city and we've experienced quite a bit the past few years.  But this past weekend, we took an hour drive (we live in NKY) to Warren County for a Chuck Wagon Dinner Ride at Bonnybrook Farms.  While I enjoy all of our family excursions, this summertime experience may just now be at the top of our list. .                                                                                                                       Read more and see photos

Salt Magazine, July/August 2018
Bonnybrook Farms a Stop for Activities, Food and Family Fun

By Sarah Allen
During the days of settlers, chuck wagons were reprieves from frontier stresses and were hubs for food and community.  Nowadays, a similar sentiment is true at Bonnybrook Farms.  There, families can escape the stresses of the modern world and enjoy some summertime food and fun . . .  Read more

“The Chuck Wagon Dinner Ride was so much fun! I think the fishing and the giant slingshots were a big hit. Everyone really raved about the food and the kids loved the wagon ride and the s’mores. I was impressed with how well-appointed everything was - from the decor in the dining room to the play things for the kids and especially the port-o-lets. How often do you hear a compliment about port-o-lets?! You all have a beautiful farm, such a treasure and so close to Cincy! We were talking in the car about coming back next summer!”                                             Joelle D. Tunning

 "This is a wonderful experience.  Great food!  Thank you so much."                                    The Gray Family

The Club Mom

By Amanda Boehrer
I previously wrote about how I wanted to do a Chuck Wagon Dinner Ride  at Bonnybrook Farm!  We were finally able to do it and let me tell you that this was an awesome experience!  This farm is packed full of fun outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy together.  I think this would be great for a family reunion, church picnic, company party.  There is so much to do and the farm is so big you never feel crowded!  Not to mention the food is home cooked and very yummy!!                                                                                                            Read more and see photos
Bonnybrook Farms in Clarksville, Ohio Road Trip

By Katy Mann
I’m certain that people who take care of animals are the best people on earth — they really know how to feed the body and the spirit. The gals at Bonnybrook Farms are a perfect example. It was a Saturday night during the summer when we visited Bonnybrook Farms in Clarksville, Ohio (2.5 hours from Indy, 20 minutes from Kings Island). My children were chilly from the unseasonably cool summer weather, the rain made appearances on and off and our sightseeing adventures had not allowed for a proper (much needed) nap-time. When we arrived, the fields were full of families flinging giant slingshots and shooting arrows at pots and pans. . . .Read more

"We had the best time at Bonnybrook Saturday!  The kids AND adults enjoyed it so much.  You are very organized, there are so many fun things to do.  Your property is beautiful!  We really enjoyed the wagon ride to the creek.  We will be back in the Fall for all the activities.  We have told many people they MUST come to Bonnybrook and we will do the Chuckwagon ride again next year.  Thanks so much."                         Leah Wilson - Bonnybrook Farms Adventure

By Terri Weeks
Looking for some old-fashioned fun and a yummy farm-cooked dinner that the whole family will enjoy? Head to Bonnybrook Farms in Clarksville for their Chuck Wagon Dinner that is held on Saturday nights June through September. My family spent our Fourth of July holiday with the friendly folks at Bonnybrook. 
Arrival is at 5 p.m. Bonnybrook gives you an hour to work up an appetite while exploring the farm and trying out various recreational activities. It isn’t always easy to entertain teens, but the Giant Slingshots were a big hit with my kids. The goal is to shoot a tennis ball into a wagon. . . Read more

Stories From the Playground - Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau 
Top 5: Must-Stop Spots for Traveling

By Mary Fessler
I will let you in on a little secret – once upon a time, Bonnybrook Farms wasn’t located in Warren County.  In fact, it was literally across the street from my home in adjacent Montgomery County. To say I am a bit familiar with them would be an understatement! Several years ago, the move was made to Clarksville, Ohio on the southeastern edge of Warren County – a move that also paved the way for more activities and features. Seasonal activities include their very popular Chuck Wagon Dinner Rides in the summer, and Fall Farm Days and Lantern Light Wagon Ride & Corn Maze in the autumn. A trip to Bonnybrook Farms is a great break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially for city dwellers. Farm animals, Clodhopper Golf, Giant Slingshots, an 80’ underground slide, a fishing pond, and wagon rides are just a few of the farm’s family-friendly attractions. The list truly goes on and on! 

"Just a note to thank you for an amazing evening.  I cannot put to words how much we enjoyed our time at Bonnybrook Farms.  You all put on an amazing event.  I would have to rate this as our new favorite family outing.  We will definitely  be back.                                                Shannan Boyer, Family Friendly Cincinnati

Long Weekends Magazine - Summer 2014
36 Trips to get your Weekend into Full Swing
# 12 - A Down Home Feeling

By Becky Linhardt
A trip to Bonnybrook Farms for a Chuck Wagon Dinner Ride may include a full buffet of farm-fresh food cooked onsite, but additional treats included exploring the farm before and after the meal. . .  Read more

Ohio Magazine Event Newsletter
Southwest Event - Wagon Wheel

August 2014
Touring the historic Bonnybrook Farms is just the start of the Chuck Wagon Dinner Rides.   Participate in "Fun on the Farm" activities, enjoy a barbecue dinner and settle in around a campfire with s'mores after your ride.

Dayton Daily News - June 2014
Bonnybrook Hosts Fun on Farm

By Pamela Dillon
Bonnybrook Farms has been in this region since 1967, providing farmland fun for "kids" of all ages.  Unique outdoor activities keep everyone busy until the dinner bell rings at 6:30. . . Read more

Adventure Mom Blog 2013

By Nedra McDonald
I love when a meal also doubles as an experience. I recently discovered that Bonnybrook Farms has a Chuck Wagon dinner ride and  I knew that it was the perfect place for my mission from Cincinnati USA of finding a unique gem to eat at in the Cincinnati area. When you arrive on the property at 5pm, you are given a variety of activities to leisurely enjoy at your own pace until the dinner bell rings. There are giant slingshots, clodhopper golf, and horse stables to visit. . . .
                                                                                                              Read more and see photos

Family Friendly Cincinnati - Summer 2013
50 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky

By Shannan Boyer
Today we’re taking a moment to share a few of our favorite things to do with our kids…Take a chuck wagon ride at Bonnybrook Farms.

Cincinnati Magazine - Summer 2011
Top 5 Things to do with Your Kids

By Katie Knueven
Chuck Wagon Dinner Ride
Nothing says wholesome family fun like a group wagon ride, and Bonnybrook Farms ups the ante by adding BBQ.  Located about 40 miles northeast from Cincinnati, Bonnybrook has a petting barn, fish feeding, farm trails, and an 80-foot underground slide—plus a relaxing back porch for spectating.  Once the family has its fill of barnyard fun, the all-you-can-eat BBQ dinner starts (Nathan’s hot dogs are available for picky kids). The wagon ride (Cookies! Hot chocolate!) to Todd Fork Creek and a waiting campfire finishes out the night.