School Field Trips

Give your class a day of fun and learning on the farm and see how easily science lessons come to life.

Whether old friends or new, we are excited to share our farm with you.  We tailor field trips to complement in-class instruction with hands-on science learning experiences your primary and preschool students will enjoy and your school district can afford!

Teacher & Parent Reviews

Spring Field Trips

Children learn the seasons and life cycles of sunflowers and plant a sunflower to take home.  Teachers and parents too!  At the stables, the children visit and learn about the different kinds of farm animals, their behavior, uses and care.   See more…

Fall Field Trips

Children visit the pumpkin patch to visually learn how pumpkins grow.  Every child, parent and teacher picks a pumpkin to take home. At the stables, the children visit the farm animals and learn the daily routine care and feeding of our horses….although they won’t be taking home a horse.   See more…

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